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What is more important College or Course to get better placements

While there is no doubt about the fact that a Good college has the right national and international connects to place you well in the industry, It would be a grave mistake to give any less importance to the course. 
Always search for a college that goes beyond teaching the prescribed syllabus. Look for a place of study that encourages holistic development, skill enhancement and gives you the tools to be job ready. All of this may sound intimidating and maybe difficult to judge but the Knowledge, skills and abilities that are instilled in you by a college can be easily broken down and understood.
Knowledge is the sum total of understanding the various aspects of management, the ability to analyse and critically evaluate various concepts and most importantly gaining the ability to practically apply the gained knowledge in real- life situations.
Skills are those bits that smooth out the rough bits in your personality and make you shine. Look for a college that provides rigorous training in Business communication, professional etiquette (office, email, telephone, dressing, dining), personality grooming and development, public speaking and presentation, physical well-being, emotional intelligence and ethics. A good professional need all of these much more than the technical knowledge, as that can be gained via a quick Google search these days but skills need to be developed and polished over time.
Abilities are how you apply your skills and knowledge to your life and work. A college that gives you National and International exposure is the best for you. Look for a college that gives you multiple opportunities to meet with, interact and learn from the business leaders of various industries. The most important are internships. A college that gives guaranteed internship preferably out of the country would add a tremendous amount of weightage to your resume.
Based on these parameters a well-researched decision can be made regarding a management college and ultimately a secure and happy future. All of us ultimately want to secure a good job at the end of our educational journey and later success in our careers. These parameters are all crucial to attain these goal.