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What skills do HR Graduate need?

What skills do HR Graduates need?

A recent article in ‘The Standard’ –Kenya edition talks about how it is vital for skills to be a part of a students curriculum in this day and age. Some of the reasons stated for the need of skill education are 

  • Need for an education system that diverts attention from cramming, rote memorization, and the pressure to achieve high grades.
  • Need for our young people to develop a pragmatic view of the world, to be gifted with life skills that will guide them in navigating complex challenges.
  • Need for our young people to learn in an environment that allows the freedom to craft unique self- identities and develop healthy views of themselves and the world.
In addition, the article also talks about employability. For a student to be employable skills are a big necessity over and above their educational background. 
This brings us to the point of why ADAPTABILITY,PEOPLE MANAGEMENT AND COMPETITITVE STRATEGIES are critical skills for HR aspirants and professionals.
1. ADAPTABILITY: There are various factors that influence and affect the working of a HR professional. They include 
  • Stability of the industry in which the HR professional is operating
  • Demands of the various job positions
  • Evolving thought processes of students/ professionals
  • Pace of technological developments and much more 
 All the above aspects requires the ‘ADAPTABILITY INGREDIENT’ in the HR professional to operate successfully 
2. PEOPLE MANAGEMENT: The business of HR is all about people management. From the time the potential employee steps into the office premise and as long as they are in the company payrolls, the HR professional has to ensure all that there is to be done to help the employee positively perform and exist in the organization. This means understanding moods, unsaid expectations and the persona of every employee. This will help the HR professional to then handle each employee accordingly.
3. COMPETITIVE STRATEGIES: It is a huge struggle out there to get the right candidate especially when competitors in each industry are trying to get candidates with similar profiles and sometimes get into employee poaching etc. The ability for a HR professional to figure out a competitive strategy that will best fit his organisation’s requirement will be more important in the coming decade. 
The PPCHRM programme at Regenesys Institute of Management is a pioneer in teaching the required skill set alongwith the curriculum for a HR professional to successfully operate in a dynamic work environment. 
To know more about the Institute and its programmes, you can write to me at sandyaj@regenesys.in ( Prof.Sandya Jadhav, Senior Faculty,Regenesys)