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Who can do a Digital Marketing Programme?

Who can do a Digital Marketing Programme?

Student counselors at the International Business School I work at often face a common question from prospective students and that is – Am I eligible to do a course in digital marketing? What is the background required to do a course in digital marketing? 

Hence I decided to cover this question in this article by addressing the topic of who can do a Digital Marketing Programme. 

An article written by an employee of Web Marketing Academy Mr. Suresh Prabhu, caught my attention recently.  According to Suresh, people with following background or interest areas can consider a career in Digital Marketing. Those that are interested in:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Social media
  • Content
  • Creativity
  • Advertising 


Having said that, it is also important to know that learning about digital marketing can either 

1. Set a new career trajectory for you or

2. Can boost your current career path 

Let me elaborate the above mentioned points. 


Some of my ex-colleagues with whom I closely worked during my 12 years of corporate stint were handling e-commerce or running a mobile app five years back. Recent interactions with them indicated that they are now running digital marketing teams of their own or are serving as consultants in digital marketing.  To them, the shift in their career felt like the most obvious thing to do, given their earlier exposure to the online marketplace.

Another example is that of writers. Scope of work for writers in early 2000’s was limited to writing for various print media or writing copy for print, TV and radio advertisements. One can now see that a lot of these writers are now branching off into online content generation specifically. 

In short, those that are looking to set a new career trajectory for themselves in digital marketing can include 

  • Those that have had some kind of an exposure to the online space somewhere in their career
  • Business owners whose consumers are now going digital 
  • Those who are looking for an alternate career to become employable


Digital Marketing gives you a chance to change your career path


Marketers in any vertical need to now address their consumers in the ONLINE space. The percentage of consumers looking for their products online will vary industry to industry however it is a given thing that a brand is bound to lose customers by not promoting itself in the ONLINE space. Hence traditional marketers have to now add digital marketing knowledge to their profile. 

This will enhance their skill set and provide bright career opportunities in the future. 

Traditional selling is essential but it is important to understand how sales can be achieved online by not just entrusting the job to digital marketers or to e-commerce specialists but to actually be a part of the digital selling process. This will help in his/her overall target achievement and open up opportunities for being a digital marketer in the future.

The Digital Marketing Programme at Regenesys is customized to suit the needs of the above mentioned target audience. To know more about the programme, you can write to me at sandyaj@regenesys.in (Prof.Sandya Jadhav, Regenesys Institute of Management)