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Why A Career In Recruitment Is Everything You Have Ever Dreamed Of!

Whether you have just graduated and are looking for an enriching career, or looking to change the course of your career, recruitment is a solid option to consider. Recruitment in itself is a multi-faceted role. 

You get to work as marketers, problem solvers, interviewers, and negotiators as you strive to find the perfect match between job seeker and employer. 

                                             But what makes recruitment truly a rewarding career choice? 

We have covered some very compelling reasons that will expose the truths behind why the recruitment industry lures many people towards it and how it can add value to your personality.

Why Recruitment Is A Great Career Choice For You…

 Every part of a business boils down to its people. Recruiting good talent is crucial for the success of a business. Without the right kind of talent, the kind that’s technically proficient, and also a good fit in terms of company culture, it is impossible for an organisation to function, or meet its objectives and goals.

Having effective recruiters can play an important role in saving time and other resources for a company. A wrong hire can immensely expensive for a company. It is important to know that recruitment is not just about hiring someone. A recruiter must consider the costs that are incurred after hiring the candidate as well, especially the training and development costs. A good recruiter will always try to maintain a favourable cost-benefit ratio while hiring employees.

Additionally, recruitment is an ongoing process. Employees could always choose to move in search of better pastures. The recruitment function is responsible for ensuring that the company doesn’t lack the talent to replace the empty positions. It is a crucial component to keep the cogs of the company turning. 

Recruitment essentially decides the course an organisation will take. The right kind of talent will make it easier for a company to fulfill the vision it has for itself. And, it is also crucial for the candidates hired, since if they are right for the organisation, they get the opportunities to grow and build sustainable, successful careers. 

By helping businesses sustain and do well, recruiters are also in for a lot of advantages as recruitment as a function needs a lot of mettle. One can learn a lot from all the work experience and even add a dash of it to their personalities. Like selling, which is a fundamental skill in business — almost every profession requires you to be able to sell successfully, whether it's your company’s services and products or simply your own ideas or point of view. In fact, you are trying to sell yourself while being interviewed or negotiating a pay rise. 

Recruitment is no different — it is pure sales where you are selling to both candidates and clients all day, every day. In recruitment, you will develop strong sales skills that will contribute to your future success, no matter what you end up doing.

Recruitment is a rewarding career choice too. Imagine being the reason or the connecting link behind providing a source of livelihood to a candidate. It is one of the most life-changing experiences which you can do as a recruiter. You need to find the perfect candidate that matches the job. 

It is hard work, which may take a lot of phone calls, meetings and emails until you find them, but how great would it feel if you have taken someone through the whole recruitment process and helped them secure their dream job! Knowing that you have helped someone change their life for the better is an amazing feeling, and the satisfaction you get from that is beyond words. While it feels great to be doing so, another factor that makes recruitment an attractive choice amongst graduates is the impact it has on a business.

        Several studies have pointed towards the fact that recruiting ranks No.1 with the greatest bottom-line business impact on           revenue and profit of any talent management function. 

How? New products will get to market faster and projects will be completed on time because you didn’t allow ineffective hiring to become a roadblock to business success. In some cases, a single new hire who you bring in could create a major innovation or a new product worth millions. 

If you have the right skills set, you can tweak your recruiting process so that it also successfully presents and hires high-value diverse candidates and innovators.

Recruiters are literally problem-solvers. Dealing with people can be challenging and unpredictable. As a recruiting expert, you will be faced with lots of unexpected situations and unforeseen problems which means you will have to think on your feet and come up with solutions. 

This will make you pretty adept at taking things in your stride, no matter what’s thrown at you. The ability to solve problems is a valuable skill that will come in very handy in the world of work and even in your personal life.

Besides, if you are someone who loves to represent a group, you will have the best time in the recruitment industry, as you are literally the face of the company all the time. You will be the first and in some cases the only contact that applicants have with your organization. 

As a result, you will have the unique opportunity to represent the company and reinforce its image by treating them as they were a customer. 

As a ‘brand ambassador’, you also have the responsibility for spreading the word in person and on social media and the internet about the factors that make your firm a great place to work.

Since recruiters are always surrounded by such different personalities of people all the time, imagine the vast exposure that one gets. As a graduate going into recruitment, you will be in contact with a variety of different people from different backgrounds with varying expertise. In fact, you will be in touch with candidates searching for a job who are experts in each of their fields, ensuring a constant flow of discussions and exchanges of information with different industries. 

You will be exposed to different sectors such as retail, industrial, pharmaceutical etc, and get to learn the ins and outs of them, if you want to fill good candidates with the open jobs. You will be discussing with experts within various job fields, which will only help boost your knowledge.

Our Postgraduate Programme in Corporate Human Resource Management enables young graduates to emerge into thoughtful leaders of tomorrow, who can bring inspiring changes to the ecosystem of the recruitment world.  

The course has been constructed after deep research and in coordination with the top HR professionals in the industry. Along with 3 mandatory modules that are imparted via our course, we provide on-the-job training that helps individuals learn valuable skills.

Here is a detailed view of how our course empowers anyone looking to have a successful career in recruitment:

  • The course enables them to quickly learn and apply newer concepts at the operational level, thereby building superior efficiency and performance levels. 
  • Students will be able to perform multiple activities like capture requirements accurately, find candidates across multiple sourcing channels, drive employee referrals, coordinate interviews efficiently and release offers post-negotiation. 
  • They will be able to better understand core HR activities like onboarding, employee engagement, appraisals, basic statutory compliances, employee exit etc.
  • Coordinate and negotiate on payroll-related activities such as salary calculation, payouts, reimbursements, regulatory compliances, etc.
  • Understand and navigate basic to intermediate Excel features, work with HR data and perform basic calculations for leave, payroll, training hours, final settlements etc. 
  • Develop business communication skills that are indispensable for anyone pursuing a career in recruitment.


The course is a great choice for anyone who is interested in learning what it is takes to become a successful recruiter!

So what are you waiting for? Take the first step towards your dream career in recruitment and apply for the postgraduate course with Regenesys Institute of Management to give wings to your recruitment career!

Written by: Dr. Richa Arora, Group CEO and Director at the Regenesys Business School.