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Why Business Communication is essential for every aspiring HR graduate

Why Business Communication is essential for every aspiring HR graduate

Peter Drucker, Management Guru quoted that “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said”. This quote is relevant to Human Resource field because of the following reasons: 
  • Human Resource is all about people management and the key to people management is effective communication.
  • Human Resource personnel are responsible for recruiting the right people at the right time and communication plays a key role in this critical process.
  • Improving the working environment requires constant feedback from employees hence listening aka communication is essential requirement for a HR profile.
  • Engaging and keeping employees happy is the key to a performing organization and the engagement process is all about communication. 
Having said this, a quick study of HR courses offered by majority of the Institutes across India shows that ‘Business Communication’ or ‘Managerial Communication’ is not a part of the course curriculum. While core subjects like Strategic Human Resource Management, Performance Management, Recruitment, Payroll management etc form the crux of the HR programme, communication should also be a part of the core curriculum. 
Communication - the key to being an effective HR manager

Real life instances, where HR can go wrong in communication
  • Employee walks upto HR manager looking to address grievances and gets a nod instead of a redressal discussion.
  • HR manager accepts the exit interview form without discussing the reasons for an employee’s decision to leave the organization.
  • Recruiting the right candidate goes amiss because the HR manager loses an opportunity to explain the benefits of working at his/her organization.
There are various other instances where the role of human resource personnel goes haywire because of lack of proper communication. 
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