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Why choose a multi-country BBA programme?

Why choose a Multi-country BBA programme?

As we all know an organisation’s performance is dependent on macro environment factors like legal, political, social, demographic and technology. Depending on the business that one is in, a significant shift in any of these environments can have a long lasting impact on how the business operates.  Prime Minster Narendra Modi’s ‘demonetization drive’ in India in 2016 made businesses across all verticals re-look at payment channels, distribution channels, phasing out of new products and so much more. 

In 1991, India initiated economic liberalization to encourage economic development and since then businesses have been truly going global. Technology and Infrastructure are the two main propelling factors that have significantly contributed towards international business exchanges. Now, why are we talking about environment factors and economic liberalization? Well, Corporate expectations from a student who would have done a ‘Bachelors in Business administration’ two decades back and a student wanting to enroll for a BBA program now are quite different due to the reasons mentioned below. 

I remember while enrolling for a BBA programme along with my then classmates in 1990’s, the foremost reason for most of us to join the BBA programme was that this programme would provide us with the right foundation for doing an MBA programme. In our mind we did not think about the need to have a global exposure in an undergraduate programme. 

However times have changed. Recently I came across an opportunity for Grade 9 children in Mumbai to visit Japan on a 7 day study tour that was being organized by a well known gaming brand to help children understand the culture, the education system and technological advances in Japan. Such common International exchange study programmes were unheard of 30 years back. One can see the changing education diaspora and how students are being exposed to international education at a very early age. This is where Multi-Country undergraduate degree is catching pace.

What is a multi-country degree? Student is given an opportunity to accrue educational experience from more than one country. Why choose to do a BBA multi-country programme? Imagine the benefits of understanding the International business environment before moving into an MBA programme. Multi country BBA students will have a HUGE advantage over other local undergrads just based on the sheer “DUAL experience of studying in two countries and the experiences that come with it ” .

Multi-Country BBA in India and South Africa from Regenesys

Regenesys Institute of Management is one of the pioneers in offering Multi-Country BBA programme wherein students can complete their first two years of BBA in their Indian campus and complete the third year in Regenesys Business School, South Africa.

To know more about the programme, you can write to me at sandyaj@regenesys.in ( Prof.Sandya Jadhav, Senior Faculty, Regenesys Institute of Management).