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Blog on Why Higher Education is Primed to Disrupt?

Why Higher Education is Primed to Disrupt?

If you see higher education on the surface, it is an amazing idea. You enrol in a desired programme, get lessons from experts with many years of teaching experience, and leave the university to get a job. It explains why millions of Indians every year take up higher education, even if they have to make a plethora of financial sacrifices. There are innumerable advantages of getting a degree, but it isn’t of high importance, especially when more than half the population has it. However, if you are wondering this is one of the reasons for the disruption of higher education, then you might be in for a surprise. Because, there are few other reasons, which have given rise for the call of disrupting higher-ed.

Employers Need Skills: The industrialized world is experiencing a mammoth rise in jobs. In fact, some experts say this is the best time for someone looking for jobs. However, the industry experts have only one requirement: skilled individuals. Today, higher education is mass producing individuals who are well-read, but lack the necessary skills needed on the job. Therefore, you may notice that some of the best MBA courses in demand amongst students are the ones which prepare them to become future-ready.

Students Paying More, Getting Less: Education experts have been talking about this issue for a long time now. Right now, an average MBA is way too expensive. After completing their management programmes, the first goal of these graduates is to recover their fees. Therefore, it is understood that they expect far more than other graduates in the job market. However, given their lack of relevant skills and high salary expectations, most of them remain jobless for months. The ROI is extremely high, which explains the need for disrupting the higher education.

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