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Why MBA Grads need Soft Skills as much as Hard Skills?

Imagine two MBA graduates apply for the same job. When compared on paper, both candidates seem to have similar qualifications. Their work experience is also relevant. The only difference: one of them is well-versed in both soft and hard skills. After carefully reviewing the candidates, the interviewer selects one of them. Any guesses why one was chosen over the other?

Simple. The selected candidate demonstrated both soft and hard skills. The other candidate merely focussed on hard skills. We live in the digital era, where businesses are seeking dynamic leaders who focus on both these skills.

What Are Hard Skills?

So, what comes under hard skill? Any specific ability, which has a set definition and measurement is a hard skill. You can get a certification to acquire such a skill. Let me make it simple for you: all those unique features listed in your resume fall under hard skills.

What are Soft Skills?

Soft skills focus more on interpersonal relations. In simple words, these skills showcase your ability to deal with people. Now, this might sound like a bunch of fundamental skills. While they are essential skills, but equally challenging to acquire. Personal attributes, effective communication, social cues, and personality traits are some of the soft skills, which help you stand-out during an interview.

Balance Between Hard and Soft Skills:

It is quite evident that businesses are seeking for hard and soft skills. Therefore, MBA graduates must learn to balance these skills. For instance, if you apply for a leadership position in an IT company. Along with the necessary technical expertise, the company would also hire you based on your ability to deal with people. As a leader, you would have to motivate a lazy worker or micromanage multiple teams and coordinate with clients.

To conclude, hard skills alone might not make you the best fit for the leadership position. If you want to get special preference in every job interview, then you must learn to demonstrate soft skills as much as hard skills.


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