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Blog on Why MBA Institutes must Create a Learning Culture?

Why MBA institutes must create a learning culture?

When it comes to dealing with an emerging technology, our first response is fear. Fear mongering is never the best strategy to deal with such situations. It is particularly true for our higher learning institutions like B-Schools, who are responsible for creating future leaders. So, what’s the alternative approach? I believe the answer lies in encouraging a culture of learning. Following are some of the key reasons why I believe that MBA institutes must create a learning culture:

Fresh Approach: While MBA institutes are embracing change, they must encourage students to come up with ideas to enhance the present curriculum. Incorporating fresh approach in higher education is possible only if we create a learning culture. Most educators come from an era where technology didn’t play a key role in learning. Therefore, along with these educators, management institutes must involve industry experts to help students prepare for the future.

Innovation: We are heading into a future where innovation and disruption will be the key drivers for success. There are already signs of disruptions in various industries. Some companies have already bitten the dust due to disruption. It’s about time MBA institutes innovate and assist students to prepare for the change. A culture of learning helps students innovate and look for new ideas.

Embracing Technology: In recent years, a plethora of technologies have come up. While these technologies have numerous positive aspects for the mankind, but they also come with some bad news. For instance, a technology like artificial intelligence is immensely helpful to ease our work and life. However, a technology, no matter how good, is as good as how we use it. Therefore, MBA institutes must encourage a culture where emerging technologies are embraced without fear.

I strongly think that MBA institutes must change their approach and focus on a learning-based culture. It is the first step towards helping students overcome fear and harness their true potential.

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