Places Students Must Visit in Johannesburg

Places Students Must Visit in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is home to one of South Africa’s premiere B-school, Regenesys Business School. Students who travel from across the world to this fine institute will be tirelessly learning various trades in business management from reputed faculties. But, all work and no fun has always been shunned at B-schools, Regenesys being no different. And students should thank the lucky stars that they are in the heart of South Africa, Johannesburg, a city replete with amenities, culture and history. Students should definitely spend time at these places while they get time from their busy schedule. Jo’burg, Jozi, or E’Goli as it is popularly known is truly a tourist haven.

The Apartheid Museum

Apartheid was a horrific period in South African history, and what better way to understand it than a stroll through its graphical portrayal in the Apartheid Museum. As one strolls through the museum, the emotional and thought provoking apartheid story unfolds in the form of photos, newspaper articles, real-life accounts and video clippings. Students must set aside at least 2-3 hours to visit here and learn about the oppressive period of South African history.

Gold Reef City

Did you know that Johannesburg was the center of a gold rush years ago? Situated eight kilometers from the city’s centre, Gold Reef City is the location where people rushed to get their hands on the yellow metal. The historical exhibits and artifacts are reminiscent of an era bygone. The best part of this visit will be the old defunct shaft of the Crown mine, which is one of the world’s wealthiest gold mines. The Gold Reef City also has a fun theme park with roller coaster, bowling alley, miniature golf and even a petting zoo.

Soweto & the Mandela Museum

Another museum dedicated to the freedom struggle of South Africa is in Soweto (Southwestern Townships) just 20 kms from Johannesburg. It is here that the black laborers were housed in shacks and it is also here that the freedom struggle of South Africa originated. In Soweta, the Hector Pieterson Memorial and Museum honors the people and students who protested against the apartheid legislation. Hiring a guide for this tour is advisable as the guide will introduce the residents of the nearby huts who will recount the tragic past; and also show the home of former South African President and Nobel laureate Nelson Mandela.

Constitution Hill

This erstwhile prison is now a scenic tourist destination presenting a panoramic view of Jo’burg. The exhibits here showcase the painful period of South Africa. The famous prisoners in here include Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

South African National Museum of Military History

Those interested in the military and war stories must visit the South African National Museum of Military History. This museum includes replicas and refurbished items from World War II such as fighter planes, tanks, and medals. The medicines used during the war times is a special attraction as it showcases the traditional Zulu healing practices.

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