Planning An MBA? The Right B-School Matters The Most

Planning An MBA? The Right B-School Matters The Most

A management degree is mandatory for intrinsic or extrinsic growth in the corporate world. No one can transcend the corporate ladder, right up to the top, but for familial ties. Management degree has the potential of fast tracking one’s ascension to the top of the corporate hierarchy. An MBA degree is a much needed fuel than can propel careers to the top. This degree is suitable for those who have been working in the corporate world for a few years or for those who have just passed out from college. Now we know that an MBA degree makes a candidate future-proof. But, the big question is, from where should one do an MBA?


Students should choose a B-school with reputed accreditation, strong alumni network, veteran faculty and industry tie-ups. With so many B-schools operating in almost every city, it becomes difficult for students to choose one that will have a long lasting impact on their career. One such B-school with immense credibility is the Regenesys Business School located in Sandton in Johannesburg, South Africa.


The accreditation of an institute is pivotal when it comes to higher education. Regenesys Business School, South Africa is accredited by the Council on Higher Education, the Department of Higher Education and Training in South Africa (DHET) and the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), which is recognized by 190 countries of the world.


Regenesys has a Legacy of over 21 years during which it has trained over 200,000 students who are now placed in some of the reputed businesses across the world. These students have been trained by over 70 Faculties from different industries and different experiences. This huge student base forms an enviable Alumni base that mentors and assists newer students during their programme duration and after. Regenesys Business School offers the much in-demand specialization of Global MBA which train students to take on the mantle of globally operating businesses. The Peer experience of studying in this institute, which has been consistently ranked among the top-10 in South Africa is invaluable.


One of the main reasons that attract students to a B-school is the placement and the salary. But, premier B-schools do not advertise these details as it is the dissemination of knowledge that they are interested in. After completing a Global MBA from an institute such as Regenesys, there will not be any constraint in the salary that one can earn. The above said alumni network and faculties also aid in the recruitment process of students they believe can bring about a change in their organizations. The Indian companies operating in South Africa including Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, TCS, Dabur and Ashok Leyland also look forward to hiring Indian students with a global MBA degree.


So, if you are planning to pursue a Global MBA, then Regenesys Business School is the ideal option to future proof your career.

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