Reasons to study at Regenesys in South Africa

Regenesys Internationally recognised MBA

Internationally recognised MBA

Regenesys MBA is a high-quality and internationally recognised programme. Our graduates are employed by large multinationals from the USA, Canada, Europe, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, to India, Nigeria and South Africa.

Regenesys - Cost and Return on Investment

Cost and return on investment

The cost of obtaining Regenesys MBA is significantly lower when compared to business schools from the Western world. The cost of tuition fees is lower as well as the cost of living in South Africa. Low cost combined with high-quality presents a great value for money. The low cost of obtaining qualification combined with well-paid job opportunities provide a great return on investment on higher education for students and their families.

South Africa - Beautiful Country

Beautiful country

South Africa is a beautiful country. It is the most developed country on the African continent which comprises 54 countries and a population of 1.2 billion. South Africa is a great tourist destination, with clean air, beautiful nature reserves, game parks, coast, mountains, and deserts. Safety of our students is of the highest importance. Regenesys campus is situated in Sandton, the wealthiest and safest suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa, and Africa. Cricket is a very popular sport in South Africa. Mahatma Gandhi has spent over 20 years of his life in South Africa. Together with India, South Africa, Brazil, China and Russia form global geopolitical BRICS alliance.

Regenesys - Flexible mode of learning

Flexible mode of learning

Students are offered the choice of various modes of learning, from contact learning, online, to part-time, full-time, evening classes, weekend classes, and mixed learning modes. Students who wish to earn income and work part-time can do so after classes, in the evenings, or on weekends.

Our Featured Programmes


Global MBA – Master of Business Administration

This programme develops leadership and management skills required to manage a business, government, and non-profit organisations…

                                                             Find out more

Online MBA

International Immersion

This programme develops professional knowledge, skills, and applied competencies in the fields of accounting, auditing, financial management and…

                                                             Find out more

International Emerging MBA

Online MBA – Master of Business Administration

This programme develops leadership and management skills required to manage a business, government, and non-profit organisations…

                                                             Find out more


Postgraduate Diploma In Business Management

This programme develops generic management competencies required for successful management of organisations…

                                                             Find out more


Bachelor of Business

This programme provides a fundamental education in business, management and leadership concepts, principles, theories and models.…

                                                             Find out more


Bachelor of Accounting

This programme develops professional knowledge, skills, and applied competencies in the fields of accounting, auditing, financial management and…

                                                             Find out more

Online Programmes


Introduction to Robotics

When robotics comes up in general conversation, we tend to think of human-like machines in science function movies…

16 hours of on-demand video

R400                                                         Find out more


Introduction to Digital Marketing

Social media marketing empowers organisations to promote their websites, products, or services through online channels…

16 hours of on-demand video

R400                                                         Find out more


Introduction to Data Science

Data science lies at the core of our digital society. This course will introduce you to data science concepts, tools…

16 hours of on-demand video

R400                                                         Find out more


Introduction to Cybersecurity

Once data is digitised, it can be at risk. Cybersecurity describes the protective measures that are put in place to prevent…

16 hours of on-demand video

R400                                                         Find out more


Introduction to Coding

We live in a digital world. Billions of computer transactions take place every second. They are able to do this because they follow complex …

16 hours of on-demand video

R400                                                         Find out more


Introduction to Blockchain

When we talk of blockchain, we often think of cryptocurrencies. But blockchain is much more than that. Blockchain is a…

16 hours of on-demand video

R400                                                         Find out more


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) involves the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans…

16 hours of on-demand video

R400                                                         Find out more


Regenesys Executive Education offers a wide range of open-enrolment and customised executive education…


Digital Regenesys is the leading African online course provider, part of the international Regenesys Business School.

Why Choose Regenesys?

Getting a qualification is not enough, on its own, to prepare you to traverse the rapidly changing world of work, where industry 4.0 and 5.0 are rendering many professions obsolete. We will work with you throughout your studies to help you develop six critical attributes to navigate the new world order, along with the skills and knowledge you need to excel in any environment.

Our Graduates Ground Decisions in Evidence

Both well-informed and knowledgeable, learners must be committed to sound research, taking a multidisciplinary and metacognitive approach to problem-solving, and able to recognise and put aside personal bias, basing decisions on evidence. This will prepare them to take calculated risks.

Our Graduates Think Differently

To think differently, learners must be intellectually curious, analytical, open-minded though constructively critical, with the mental agility to think across disciplines, contexts and domains to solve complex problems and find innovative ways to do things. Be imaginative but rational. We will systematically help learners cultivate higher-order thinking – the kind of thinking that recognises and makes sense of patterns others miss, and that facilitates unique linkages and solutions.

Our Graduates Lead Consciously

This ties back to the overarching P in the quadruple bottom line: purpose. Purpose-driven, you put sustainability at the heart of your organisation. Emotionally and spiritually intelligent, you should be self-aware, understand the interconnectedness of all things, and act ethically and with integrity. As an ideal graduate, you will be a service-oriented agent of change.

Our Graduates Harness Diversity

Learners will appreciate the value of individual differences. Socially intelligent, collaborative and a skilled communicator, learners should be able to facilitate connections to build, empower and manage high-functioning teams with diverse skills and personalities, and support them in assuming responsibilities.

Our Graduates Comport Professionally

With a confident and inspiring aura, you are utterly professional, yet accessible. Deliberate, determined, disciplined, and focused. You will model your values, and hold yourself accountable. You will have the resilience and grit to keep going in the face of adversity.

Our Graduates Have A Global Outlook

Your glocal outlook underpins your ability to operate and compete ethically and profitably as a responsible global citizen in a borderless world. Your multicultural awareness and wide-ranging interest in current affairs enables you to recognise and respond to local cultures and needs without losing sight of the global picture.

Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence

We approach education holistically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.


We focus on harnessing entrepreneurial skills for the possibility of creating sustainable new ventures.

Education For All

A unique way to obtain high quality, globally recognised qualifications through the internet and financial engineering.

Globally Focused

Study in some of the world’s most influential economies, including India, South Africa and Nigeria.

Top Ten MBA

Our graduates earn 30% more on average than graduates from other universities



South Africa Campus

Regenesys Business School
165 West Street
Sandton 2031


Nigeria Campus

Regenesys Business School
8th Floor, Churchgate Tower 2, Plot PC 31
Churchgate Street
Victoria Island, Lagos


India Campus

Proxima Building, Unit No.1101
11th Floor, Plot No.19, Sector 30A
Near Vashi Railway Station, Vashi
Navi Mumbai – 400705, India

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