Simple SEO Tactics To Rank Higher

Simple SEO Tactics To Rank Higher

How many ranking factors does the world’s leading search engine use to rank a website? There are over 200 factors. Anyone who thought that the job of a SEO is easy, think again. Optimizing a website, getting it to rank on different search engines and drive in traffic on a regular basis is a humungous task. The task of devising a SEO strategy and later implementing it requires a lot of manpower and man-hours. However, many a times an extensive approach to SEO is not possible. Here is a small list of things an SEO must certainly do to help bolster the website rank in the search engines.


Focus on the Visuals

Images, videos and GIFs present on the site can be optimized, which will help the website rank higher. Optimized images on a website have a better chance of ranking in the image search tab of search engines. Optimization also entails making the image easy-to-share. Images with a share button can find its way to social media sites in no time and start trending, which will in turn bring in more visitors to the site, eventually increasing the rank of the site.

Visual medium is more attractive and engaging than plain text. This does not mean that one should avoid text altogether. But it is found that images, infographics and videos result in better user experience. For example, a blog on “how to …” will gain more visitors and rank higher if it is not only text heavy, but represented with an infographic as well.


Site Security

Cybersecurity has become the number one problem in the world right now and search engines are mindful. If it finds that the security of the website is lagging it will drop it from the rankings altogether. If the search engine bots deduct that a website was hacked, it will present its visitors with a warning message saying that this site may be hacked. The word hacked is enough for visitors to never click on the site, ever. Installing security plugins, strong firewall, periodic testing etc. are ways secure the website.


Speed, Speed Speed

Technology has made people impatient. No longer will the visitors wait on a site that takes even a second longer to load. Speed is everything in this fast paced world. There are many actions one can take to increase the speed of a website, but the primary step starts with the hosting provider. Choosing the right standalone hosting plan or opting for cloud hosting greatly increases the speed of the site.


Link Building and Broken Links

Links are the lifeline of SEO. The exercise of link building is painstaking; however, SEOs can first target directory and classified submissions where the approval time is less. Secondly, SEOs submit a lot of links and run a lot of campaigns. Sooner or later every site accumulates a chunk of broken links. SEOs need to periodically monitor these links, and if found, it should be unlinked or redirected.

These are some of the easy ways of ensuring rankings in a search engine. For comprehensive knowledge in SEO, enroll for our Advanced Digital Marketing programme.



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