Start Your Management Training Before Enrolling For An MBA

Start Your Management Training Before Enrolling For An MBA

Management is imbibed in each and every one of us. It starts from an early age. Enrolling for an MBA is just a professional step. An MBA programme teaches several tricks of the trade that will help an individual master the art of business management, but the learning should happen much before one decides to pursue this programme.


So, how should one start management training before enrolling for an MBA?


Reading – That’s right – read, read and read. This is an important factor that grooms the inner manager in all of us. Fiction or non-fiction – people who read have the ability to understand others more quickly because they can relate people with any of the characters in the books. Even if the book is a comic, read it thoroughly, understand the logic, the way things are portrayed, how characters are developed, how the artwork is represented, etc. Read newspapers, even the financial section, and management books and try to use its quotes or even a new word from that book while speaking in public or while writing book reports in college. The knowledge gained through books creates a magnetic personality, one which is beloved not just in the corporate world, but also in casual congregations.


Communication – The job profile of a manager entails meeting with a lot of people –vendors, clients, press, teammates, and board of directors. Communication skills must be very apt while interacting with different stakeholders. It does not mean that a student needs to speak like a certain silver-tongued parliamentarian, but a fluid flow of thoughts does more wonder than one can think of. Starting to work on one’s communication skills early on will help a person gain confidence.


Networking – Networking is an amazing skill that pays off professionally. But, by networking, it does not mean than an introvert transmogrifies into an extrovert overnight. It is a skill that entails socializing with people, telling them about your profession and getting to know about theirs. Being courteous in such meetings is enough to win over people. Networking skills come in handy during job searches, business expansion and while starting own business. The caveat here is to avoid being too friendly, understand that the sole purpose is to know people professionally.


Etiquette – What to say what not to say, how to carry yourself in a room full of people etc. are some of the common etiquettes that portrays the confidence in a person. Here again, it is essential to know that politeness goes a long way in establishing oneself as a pleasant personality. When in a group, don’t try to outsmart or outtalk someone else, or get intimidated by someone.


Learning these traits is a lifelong process and starting early will help an individual gain confidence by the time he or she decides to pursue an MBA. So, start your management training before enrolling for an MBA.

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