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Regenesys Institute of Management - About Regenesys Entrance Tests

About Regenesys Entrance Tests

Regenesys entrance tests are compulsory online entrance exams for students applying to various courses at Regenesys Institute of Management.Your entrance test result, personal and educational information, outcome of a personal interview (if required) will indicate your aptitude or eligibility for scholarship and/or admission into one of our academic programmes.

The two core Entrance tests of Regenesys are: 

Regenesys Management Admission Test (RMAT) This is applicable for the candidates seeking admission to Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management (PDBM). RMAT is a multi-level admission test in which random selection of multiple-choice questions covering English language/literacy skills, mathematical/ numerical skills and cognitive/logical reasoning skills will be asked. Applicants may use calculator, but no other assistance, such as dictionary, Internet etc., is permitted.Candidate must answer as many questions as accurately as possible in 60 minutes

Regenesys English Proficiency Test (REPT) This is applicable for the candidates seeking admission to Post Graduate Programme in Digital Marketing and Management (PGPDMM). REPT is a test to establish proficiency in the English Language, and the ability to understand, assimilate and communicate in English. In this test there are variety of multiple-choice questions designed to test English language and literacy skills.The test consists of 50 questions of varying levels of difficulty, which are to be answered in 30 minutes. No assistance is permitted i.e. using a dictionary, internet etc. A minimum score of 70% is required to pass.