Why Is Global MBA A Smart Choice?

Why Is Global MBA A Smart Choice?

The world is a much smaller place to live in than it was a few decades ago. What are the reasons? Well, the obvious reason is the burgeoning population, rapid development and of course, social media, that has brought the world to each of our fingertips. But from a business point of view, the world is a much smaller place to live in compared to a decade ago because of the progressive government policies around the world that have opened up several avenues for businesses. And how have businesses reacted to these policies? Businesses are quick to adapt and expand their operations. Nowadays it is hard to find a business that is restricted to or dependant on a certain geography for its operation. Businesses, in fact, start operations with an eye on the global markets. And this is why students trying to break it into the top business houses (or even startups) need to have exposure to the dynamics of global businesses. And that’s why a global MBA is a smart choice.

The Global MBA programme is beneficial for several reasons:

Student diversity – The best way to know about the world and how businesses operate in different parts of the world is not by sitting within the confines of a classroom, but by hearing and learning about it through the experiences shared by the students or peer groups. A classroom of global MBA will comprise of students from different backgrounds and nationalities. No other MBA programme can boast of such student diversity in its academic batch. Only in a Global MBA programme will a digital marketer in India with 10 years of experience collaborate on a project with an interior decorator based in South Africa with 2 years of experience (an example). These collaborations will not just boost the business acumen of students, but also help them become culturally sensitive. In a global business environment, the management would have to interact with people from across the world with different belief systems. The Global MBA teaches future managers how to respect people and their belief systems.


International exposure – There are several rules and regulations that businesses need to follow while operating a global business. During the course of the programme students gain valuable insights into how businesses operate while adhering to the laws of different countries.

Curriculum and Internships – The curriculum of Global MBA is devised to help students get a real world picture of global businesses and the problems it faces. Again, the diversity of students in the class will tackle a single problem in multiple manners, thus introducing students to different perspectives of problem solving. And, the internship during the programme will give them real-time exposure to how global businesses operate.

Real world simulations – Practical learning is essential for imbibing the concepts taught in a classroom. The real world simulations and extensive discussions on case studies develops the business acumen of students.

Global MBA offered at Regenesys is an advanced programme with a curriculum that focuses on business from a global perspective. It is imperative for students who are eager to learn about how businesses operate in a globalized world to enrol for this programme which will boost their performance in the corporate world.

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